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 How Do You Become a Member of the Month?

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How Do You Become a Member of the Month? Empty
PostSubject: How Do You Become a Member of the Month?   How Do You Become a Member of the Month? Icon_minitimeThu Nov 01, 2007 5:10 pm

Are you wondering how you can become the Member of the Month? To become a MotM, you must be very active like be online everyday. And post everywhere in this forum. You must also have respect towards other members including staff. The Staff will watch a specific member to see if he/she is capable of becoming a MotM. If the staff change their mind, then they watch another member who they think is capeable.

What do I get for becoming a MotM? You'll have a special rank that you get to have only for that month. Host up to Two Contest and they don't have to be approved by one of the Staff. And you don't have to match up with the Contest requirements. You may also have a chance of becoming a Moderator. Your username will be put into a bucket and will be drawn once we need a moderator.

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How Do You Become a Member of the Month?
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