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 Forum Rules - Read before posting!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - Read before posting!   Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:32 am

Picture Forum Rules

1. Do not post the same picture of your sim in several different threads. You may post different pictures of your sim in different threads, but NOT the same picture. If you do this your post will be removed.

2. Your pictures can not be larger than 600x550, as otherwise it will take far too long for them to load for certain people.

3. This isn’t a place to judge people’s photos. No ‘Best Photo’ contests are allowed here. If you want a contest, go to the contest forum.

4. Please, this is a PG 13 forum, so no plain nudity.

5. Please combine all of your comments into one post, and no post saying ‘Cool’ or ‘Wow’. Add a little bit more, please.

6. In your comments, please don’t ask where you got the content from. We have a PM system for a reason guys. So just remember don’t say:
‘Wow! Cool sim, and where did you get the hair from. I love it!’
Or anything like that.

Thank you for obeying these rules, and have fun posting all your pretty little simmies!
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Forum Rules - Read before posting!
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