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 Forum Rules - Read before posting!

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PostSubject: Forum Rules - Read before posting!   Wed Nov 28, 2007 1:48 am

Story Forum Rules

1. Picture posting rules apply here, meaning the largest size is 600x550.

2. On the same note, all stories have to be accompanied by in-game pictures, or they will be removed.

3. Please, no spam, like ‘Hey, when will you update?’. Please, just post compliments about the story.

4. Finish your stories that you start. If a real life crisis occurs, or if your game crashes and you lose everything, we will understand. But don’t just say you couldn’t be bothered.

5. Remember guys, PG 13. Need I say more? Yes. No nudity, racism and such as it is a bad influence for our younger members.

Thanks for your cooperation, guys. I hope to see you all busily posting stories now!
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Forum Rules - Read before posting!
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