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 Contest Rules

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PostSubject: Contest Rules   Contest Rules Icon_minitimeThu Nov 01, 2007 5:21 pm

Please read and follow the following rules before posting:

2. Hosting: To be able to host your own contest, you must at least 20 posts (in any forum) and participated in at least one other contest either as a judge or a contestant. As a judge, you must have judge the whole duration of the contest. As a contestant, compete the entire duration of the contest or unless eliminated. You must at least of made it through the first round of any contest.

3. Types of Contests. There are five different categories in this forum. The three categories for the Contest Forum are Beauty, Houses, Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Other.

4. Submitting. Submit only one contest at a time. If you already have a contest, please wait until that contest is finsihed. Thanks.

5. Judges. 3+ judges are required. To keep this forum running in a fair, unbiased format, ALL contests require 3 or more judges. These judges must be used in ALL rounds (with the exception of a judge dropping out). Judges can NOT be your mother, sister, cat or remote control. You must have 3 members of this site help you. Judges cannot be secret. You must list your judges' forum names before the first round of judging. This ensures no favoritism and will help contests run smoother. Commit to judging. If you chose to be a judge, you must follow through for the entire duration of the contests you chose to judge. Do not sign on to judge if you can not be prompt with your voting when each round is over. Be courteous to those who put time and effort into making entries and judge quickly and effectively. Any judge known to have abandoned their position as a judge may not be able to judge a future contest. Judges giving criticism. As a judge, you are to ONLY provide CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Judges who are found to have provided mean or hurtful comments will be given a warning and may not be able to judge future contests. If you, the contest holder, are sent a PM from a judge and find something you think may not be constructive criticism, its your responsibility to forward the PM to either lovelybones, Fashion or funheart00.

6. Participating. Commit to participating. If you as a contestant sign on to a contest, you must commit to participating in the contest until either the contest is complete or until you are eliminated. If you MUST drop out, please PM the contest host with a specific reason as to why its imperative for you to leave the contest. In addition, members who are noticed to continually drop out of contests, reason or not, may not be able to participate in future contests.

8. Editing. Editing after submitting. When you submit a new contest, you may edit up to as many times as you want.

9. What's NOT allowed here. RP and Strategy Type Contests. If you try and submit one here, it will be deleted or moved to the roleplaying forum.

10. Rules and Guidelines. These are the Contests Forum Rules which apply to everyone participating in a contest.
DONT SPAM. Dont ever spam. Spamming in the Contests Forum usually includes hosts begging for applicants, double/triple/quadruple posting, people posting replys totally off-topic and unrelated to the contest whatsoever, and general annoyingness or completely unnecessary comments which have no point and just take up space. These types of posts will be deleted, and members may be warned as well.

11. You do not need 20 contestants for a successful contest. Many people close down their contest because there are only a few contestants who enter during the Application Round. As long as you have at least 10 contestants, you still have a good competition.

12. Try and ask "Where did you get that dress/couch/hairstyle?" questions out of the contest thread itself. Either send the member a PM.

13. You may reserve post. Or you could say, "oh, this looks such like a fun contest. I'll have my app up soon." you could do that. I mean, what's wrong with that?

14. Dont be a sore loser. Just because your Sim has not made it through, does not mean you have the right to hurl insults at anyone. We are all here to learn how to improve our Sim-making skills and picture-taking skills. If you need to vent, try PMing a friend about it.

15. Nudity is NOT tolerated on this forum. This means absolutely NO topless pictures are allowed, edited or un-edited. The pictures should also have appropriate coverage of any nudity.

16. No Sim-stealing. It has come to our attention that more and more people are using others' Sims and trying to pass them off as their own. Please note that creators have put their Sims up for download at MTS2 in the spirit of sharing and kindness. This ALSO includes Sims you have won in certain contests. If you are proven to have used a Sim created by someone else, you will be taken out of the contests you are currently in and may not be able to participate in future contests.

17. No Sim-tweaking. Simply tweaking the Sim a bit and trying to pass it of as your own is odd because making a good Sim is not difficult if you have bodyshop, or at the very least, Create-A-Sim in game. If you have downloaded a Sim, changing the skintone/eyes does NOT make it your Sim.If you are proven to have used a Sim created by someone else (tweaked or not), you will be taken out of the contests you are currently in and may not be able to participate in future contests.

18. Please don't try to abandoned your contest, if you are the host. If a contest has been abandoned for up to two weeks with no show from a host, me or one of the mods will take over.

19. If a contest is abandoned in the application round it will be deleted. Contests will only be allowed to be taken over once they have begun round 1 or more. If a contest is abandoned or mismanaged, Staff will step in and take over as the host.

20. Contests remaining in the Application stage for up to 2 weeks will be locked and wait for the appropriate time to reopen it again.
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Contest Rules
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